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• We will be hosting training for station managers and owners on how to get the most out of your VeriFone Ruby and Sapphire Systems. It will be instructor-led classroom training.
• The VeriFone training is a full day class with lunch provided.
• The Station Management training will be a 4 hour class.
VeriFone POS Training:

1. Hardware-Including perpheral connections.
2. Navigating through the system.
3. System Security
4. Manager- Payment methods, Categories, Departments, PLU's, Keyboard mapping, Promotions, etc.
5. Report Manager- Report configuration, Flash reports, etc.
6. Network Manager- Secure ID, PCI Compliance, etc.
7. Maintenance Manager
8. Sales- Rest in gas key, Viewing sales, Clearing DCR holds
9. Troubleshooting issues.
Station Management Training:
1. Are you doing what is required by ADEC & EPA?
2. What is a UST Opertions Inspection?
3. What to expect during an EPA Inspection and how to be prepared.
4. Troubleshooting issues.
5. How to pass your next inspection.