Environmental Compliance & Testing Service

Experienced Personnel
We offer an array of environmental compliance & testing services for fuel dispensary facilities.

Stage 1 Testing

We offer pressure decay and vent cap testing for your gasoline dispensing facility in order to comply with EPA regulations.

Your system must be tested at installation and then every 3 years thereafter.

Tank Monitor Certification

We have Veeder-Root certified technicians to both install and test your tank monitor system. Yearly certification includes testing of all sensors and verification of proper system performance.

You are required to have your tank monitor inspected annually.

Line Leak Testing

We offer 3.0 GPH testing of pressurized line leak detectors. Tests are conducted by a State of Alaska licensed UST installer and are certified by the test equipments manufacturer.

Your line leak detectors are required to be tested annually.

Cathodic Protection System Testing

We offer tests conducted by the State of Alaska and NACE certified Cathodic Protection Testers.

Your systems are required to be tested every three years and within 6 months of any modification.

Yearly System Operations Check

We can perform a yearly operations check of your system including all of the testing above as well as checking your spill buckets, sumps, shear valves, e-stop system and dispenser hose continuity.